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For Parents

Our goal is to help you find the best educational opportunities for your child. As parents ourselves, we understand and value the role that only parents can play in guiding young adults. From our initial meetings, we will work together to understand the family’s goals and needs as we work toward our shared mission of finding the best educational and personal match for your child. Through an assessment of past academic performance, testing, and individual learning style, coupled with an understanding of the student’s educational and social goals, we will identify programs that will provide the best fit.

As educational consultants, we believe that it is important for students to take ownership of their own college search and admission journey, and in doing so, grow in their understanding of their needs and goals. The consultant serves as the guide on this journey, establishing and enforcing tasks and deadlines that are part of the college search and application process. Parents support their children, acting as cheerleaders and facilitators, and providing their children with tools and services such as guidebooks, transportation to colleges, tutors, and counselors.

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Thank you for your encouragement and support during Kimberly’s college application process. She is enjoying her first semester at USC…an opportunity due in large part to your efforts. “
Kimberly’s parents

Our parent education workshops, College Unraveled, seek to provide parents of high school underclassmen with an up-to-date and in-depth overview of today’s college search and application process. The workshops focus on options in post-secondary education, how to find colleges that fit, how to apply, and how families can find help in affording the high cost of education. Please see the College Unraveled page for more information and to register for an upcoming workshop.

I went to college so long ago that my experience is not relevant today. This was a clear, concise picture of exactly what to expect and how to maneuver through the process. I feel like I’m now capable to take this on and succeed!”
Tenth grade parent and participant in College Unraveled