Services for Students & Parents

Families working with The College Advisor benefit through exposure to a wide range of schools and programs. As experienced professionals, we provide hands-on support and guidance, and can reduce family stress by serving as an objective, caring third-party. Our services include:

  1. Help in choosing an appropriate high school curriculum that focuses on the student's success
  2. Information and advice to help demystify the college admissions and financial aid process
  3. Assessment of student records, strengths and weaknesses
  4. Helping student to formulate appropriate academic goals
  5. Establishing a standardized testing schedule
  6. Researching and identifying colleges that provide a good fit for the individual student
  7. Helping to plan campus visit itineraries
  8. Reviewing college applications and essays
  9. Preparing for college interviews
  10. Educating families about the financial aid process and opportunities for scholarships

Services for Parents

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Services for Independent Educational Consultants

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