For Students

YOU are the one who will drive the college search and admissions process – the whole point of working together is to help you find the colleges that provide the best fit for YOU. We’ll begin by talking about your goals and desires, we’ll look at the qualities you’d like in your college experience, and we will assess your academic performance and level of involvement in school and community activities. Then we’ll consider issues such as “how do you learn best?’ and “what do you really care about?” Through our chats and your own self-reflection, through the campuses you’ll visit and the college research you’ll do, we’ll arrive together at a list of schools that fit well with your wants and needs, and that will provide you with the opportunity to thrive both academically and personally.

The College Advisor provides personalized support throughout the college admissions process. We can help you with establishing a standardized testing schedule, planning campus visit itineraries, organizing and reviewing college applications and essays, preparing for college interviews, choosing appropriate classes and extracurricular activities, making final decisions about college choice, and applying for scholarships and financial aid.

College choice is NOT about the bumper sticker, it’s about YOU.

Thank you so much for guiding me throughout the college application process. I really appreciate all your hard work and all that you have done for me. You are the best counselor I ever had!”
Thank you once and again for all your help. It was your guidance that helped me stay on the timeline and get everything done. You are the most dedicated college counselor a student could ask for.”
Thank you for guiding me throughout the application process. It has been a great experience working with you and a comfort knowing that my future was in good hands.”