Your College Advisor Newsletter, with my own masthead, has been very well received by my clients, colleagues in the public sector, and students in my summer workshops. It has already generated new clients, thus, paying for itself. You have come up with a great idea and tool - wish I had thought of it!"
A.N., Independent Educational Consultant, San Diego, CA
This newsletter is an efficient way of getting information to your clients and other professions. Producing your own newsletter takes time that you may not have available with the end result being lack of a newsletter or sporadic published dates when you get around to it."
M. F., Independent Educational Consultant, Atlanta, GA
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S.A., Independent Educational Consultant, Los Angeles, CA
I have found The College Advisor a timely and informative newsletter filled with helpful articles on a wide range of fundamental topics. Editor Gail Grand's insider tips and insights are sure to give her readers an edge in the complicated and competitive world of the seriously career-minded. My clients have responded well to the newsletter and I highly recommend it."
H.L., College Financial Planner, South Florida
It looks great!"
D.C., College Advisor, Massachusetts
The information is timely and the articles are well-written. I am finding the newsletter is a substantial addition to the service I provide to my clients."
J.M., Independent Educational Consultant, San Francisco, CA
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L.H., Independent Educational Consultant, Santa Barbara, CA
Newsletter looks great! It sure looks like everything I wanted in a newsletter! Can't wait to mail them out!! Very, very happy!! So glad I got your mailer before I got started on my own newsletter. You've saved my wife lots of hours I'm sure she'd rather use for something else, like finishing our website!"
D.D., College Financial Planner, Sherwood, OR